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Sunday April 14, 2024
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Knowledgebase search page

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How to Maintain Windows Security

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MSDN (Developers Network) UK

Semi-official blog

Third party MS products info, advice and 'how to...' sites

Kayode's Windows Resources, a good place to start

Gizmo's - good freeware / shareware evaluations, how to guides

AumHa - some good articles



WinXPcentral, also has other Windows versions info

Auldfart's, useful stuff starts about half way down this page

Doug Knox's windows tips and tweaks


Mdgx speed tweaks etc

Activenetwork forums

Windows Networking

NTFS tech info on that and other file systems



Nerdlabs bootdisks

Alternatives to Microsoft software

You don't need to use MS software! There are plenty of alternatives, sometimes better, often cheaper or free. MS software is often less secure simply because so many people use it, hackers and virus writers design their malware to exploit weaknesses in MS software.

This page discusses alternatives and provides links:

I would recommend these free alternatives...

Firefox as browser instead of Internet Explorer, Thunderbird as email client instead of Outlook, both from Mozilla: as a complete office suite:

Trillian as a chat client (MSN Messenger alternative):

These two pages give details on recommended freeware for currently 90 types of software! For applications I know something about I agree with the recommendations, and they are updated regularly:

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