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Wednesday June 12, 2024
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What is WiFi?
WiFi is an international standard for wireless networking.

What does 802.11x means?
The numbers 802.11A, 802.11B, 802.11G are 3 WiFi standards introduced by an international body called Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers ( IEEE).
The different standards introduced above operate at different network speeds.

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless device networking standard. The Bluetooth standard will enable devices to communicate with each other, without the clutter of wires.

What is the difference in WiFi and Bluetooth?
Although WiFi and Bluetooth operate in the same frequency band (2.4 GHz), WiFi offers 11 Mbps to 108 Mbps and covers a much larger area and can connect many devices. Bluetooth on the other hand has a much smaller bandwidth and area coverage. Bluetooth can only communicate with very few devices simultaneously.

What is the difference in infra-red and Bluetooth?
Infra-red has a range limited to three metres, requires line of sight and offers one way communication only, whereas Bluetooth has a minimum range of ten Metres, can communicate with seven devices simultaneously, and has duplex communication mode.

What are TCP / IP?
TCP / IP is the glue which binds millions of computers on the Internet into a single entity. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol) are standards in place which define the communication among the computers connected to the internet or the intranet. IP assigns an address to each computer connected to the network, whereas TCP ensures that messages /data packets sent have reached their destination.

What is a Mac Address?
Mac ( Media Access Control) is the static physical address of a NIC (Network Interface Card). All network cards which conform to IEEE 802 uniquely are identified by the MAC address.

What is a domain name? (pronounced mehmi-dot-net) is a domain name. The .net (dot-net) is the domain, which does consist of several sub-domains like ‘mehmi’. The domain name is an address where your web site resides. Domain names are leased for a fixed duration between one and ten years, which may be extended.
All computers on the Internet have an IP address like, which are cumbersome and difficult to remember. Therefore all domain names have an assigned IP address. When you type “” in your browser URL, firstly the query will be sent to a Domain Name server, the Domain Name Server will then provide with the IP address for, which your browser will then connect to.

What is a rollback driver?
Rollback driver is a very useful utility, If you have installed a new device driver for an existing device and it does not work, then you can use the ROLLBACK facility to reinstall the old driver.

How to rollback a driver, try the link below.
Microsoft - Rollback page

Why Can’t I see an installed printer in the Device Manager?
Printers are not listed in the Device Manager, printers can be accessed from the “Printers & Faxes” icon in the control panel.

What is a “System Restore Point”?
Think of a System Restore Point as an UNDO command for the PC. If you installed a programme, which caused problems, you could then restore the system to a previous state. Use this facility with caution, as you may lose the data created between now and the system restore point.

How to restore system, try the link below.
Microsoft - System restore page

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