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Thursday May 30, 2024
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ABOUT US is a small business run by Rajesh Mehmi. I have a vast resource of contractors, semi retired / part time professionals, whom I call upon as and when required. All personnel are highly qualified with certifications and experienced in their relevant fields.

Rajesh Mehmi
Picture of Rajesh Mehmi
IT Consultant
Specialist DB &
Spreadsheet Developer
Ramesh Chander
Picture of Ramesh Chander
Our senior hardware / electronics expert
He remembers when computers had valves.
He is preparing to be a radio presenter.
John Church
Picture of John Church
Our Senior consultant My interests are
Avtar A
Picture of Avtar A
Our Telecoms expert.
Nitin Patel
Picture of Nitin Patel
Highly regarded programmer
Hardeep Punia
Picture of Hardeep Punia
Programmer / project manager
Picture of Puneet

Technical Advisor


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